POP Mission Statement

Where?  WHERE?  Where in the Universe is there another Living Planet like our Earth?  We can all acknowledge the gifts of nature that have been given to us, natural blessings from an infinite source.  Where else in the solar system can you find the greenery of plants, fresh water to drink, clean air to breathe, just the right amount of sun for health and good soil to grow food?  These are natural resources that have been freely given, gifts from the planet, a Living Planet.  Where would we go if the planet fails?  If the planet fails, all life as we know it fails.  There is no backup for planet Earth.

Earth is in PERIL.  Land, air, water, wildlife, plant life, human life are increasingly stressed.  The facts of Climate Change include extreme weather events, crop failures resulting in famine, rising sea levels and floods, adding urgency for actions to save the planet.

Our Mother the Earth speaks to us through sea and air, wind and sky, deserts and meadows, trees and all that lives.  Our very existence depends upon her bounty.  Many on our planet do not seem to hear her pain or see her distress.  Like a baby who can only cry to signal its own needs, the Planet is crying to us.  Our Planet needs a human voice to be its spokesperson.  Being that voice is being a Person of the Planet. 

A Person of the Planet speaks up for the well-being of the Planet and always asks this question to any issue, any decision and any action: “Is this good for the Planet?”  Whether the issue is small or large, local or international, personal or planetary, the question remains, “Is this good for the Planet?”

A Person of the Planet makes decisions to the best of her or his knowledge, ability, resources and personal influence.  A Person of the Planet shares knowledge with others as we individually and collectively educate ourselves.  Sharing through faith communities and congregations, websites, educational programs, social media and discussion groups are ways to connect with the larger planet.

The resolve and commitment of one Person of the Planet makes a difference. Together, the resolve and actions of many Persons will save our Planet.  Saving our Planet will enable the next generations to survive and thrive.