Eco Challenge 2017- And Team Person of the Planet

We are partnering with the Northwest Earth Institute and EcoChallenge in October.  This annual two-week event is a virtual effort by individuals to make a commitment for the health of the planet.

What:  an environmental awareness program with a twist.

When:  10-11-2017 to 10-25-2017

Why:  research indicates that to make new habit (or break an old one) we need about 14 sequential days of effort to make it “stick”.

Who:  each of us.  There are thousands of individuals participating, each person doing something to help the earth.

Where and How:  go on–line, visit and under the Find a Team tab, sign up with Team Person of the Planet.  You will be asked to select a challenge.  Each different challenge has a selection of Actions to take.  You can track your own selections and actions.  Technically, our Team will ‘earn’ points depending on how successful each of us is when doing our selected Actions.  Really, this is more about doing something positive for our planet than it is about ‘winning’ a contest. So, no pressure!

Let’s Talk:  Are you near El Cerrito on Thursday, Oct. 19th?  Say, about 6pm?  Meet at McBear’s Social Club for a beverage and munchies.  Info and directions: