The Shame of Point Reyes: An Open Letter

Dear Park Service,

 I was appalled to learn about the plans to kill off some of the Tule Elk, in favor of the cattle industry at Pt Reyes National Seashore.  How can this be happening in this day and age when we are all aware of the impact cattle raising has on the land and air of our planet?  We have one small pristine place along the coast of California, with indigenous and endangered herds of elk and you are allowing this land to be corrupted.  Move the herd of cows away from  the seashore, in land and let the park become natural again. 

 This area should be preserved and restored to its original wildness for future generations.  I will not buy anymore milk from the companies that are presently entrenched there until they leave.  How dare you re-issue leases to these farms. The original leases were supposed to be temporary.  Is it yet another example of money dictating the decision to extend these leases?  Shame on you.  You are the stewards of this unique landscape and is natural inhabitants. 

 The Alternative F proposition should be adopted immediately.  The public is beginning to learn about these issues and be will not remain silent.

 A very concerned citizen,

 Leslie Moorjani