Moment for the planet Sunday May 12, 2019

Moment for the planet

A week ago I was looking at a picture of Puerto Rico taken from the sky  in July of 2017. The island was lit up, lights in every corner of the island.  That same image was taken again in October 2017.  This time the island was completely black except for one village in the central mountains of the country.   Why?  Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, the energy grid was wiped out across the island.   One small village, Las Piedras, was powered by solar.  They suffered from the storm like everyone else, but at the end of the day, they still had their solar lights and electricity. 

 Solar is one of the best ways countries and individuals can help the environment in a big way.  It is something many of us can do individually, by installing solar panels on our houses.  There are many solar companies out there and many towns will give a credit or financial incentives for installing renewable energy systems on your rooftops. The city of Berkeley received a SolSmartGold award for their efforts in streamlining the permitting process to make it easier and faster for homeowners to install solar panels.

 So what are you waiting for?  

Not all of us have the resources to install solar, but many of us do.   Some have already installed solar panels and are reaping not only the satisfaction of knowing we our lessening our footprint on the planet but financially we are saving a lot. 

 Arlington Community Church went solar in 2014, when Bill Day a member of the congregation spearheaded the project. He had installed solar at his home in 2011 and calculated that he had a 90% savings in dollars and 75% savings in kilowatt hours.

 My husband and I installed our panels in 2011 and now are able to have plug-in hybrid cars. Imagine how many tons of  carbon dioxide would stay out of the atmosphere if everyone was driving an electric car.   We have to start somewhere.

 Give serious thought to going solar and if possible, electric/hybrid cars.  As Persons of the Planet, we believe motivating the individual is one of the best ways to effect change on the planet. Let's take care of our Mother Earth.