Save the Tule Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore

Save the Tule Elk  at Point Reyes National Seashore

Submitted by Shanti Moorjani

On Saturday night, September 21, Person of the Planet group hosted a showing of the movie "The Shame of Pt. Reyes" at the Arlington Community Church in Kensington. The movie was an "eye-opener" to what is going on in the park and a call to action.

The National Park Service intends to expand the acreage provided for cattle, which is in direct contrast with the United Nations’ recent report calling for a decrease in animal agriculture due to its impacts on climate change The NPS is ceding to the monetary clout of a few ranchers in West Marin. They are proposing killing some of the Tule elk to decrease competition (an entirely unsupported argument) and introducing other livestock and row crop agriculture, which will put the for-profit interests in further conflict with native wildlife and the environment. The ranchers allow their >5,500 cattle to cause irreparable erosion to the land and pollution of our waterways. Although their leases call for them to care for the land, the Pt. Reyes National Seashore appears in a list of the top 10 areas polluted with feces:  Our national parks are intended to preserve nature for future generations. The NPS’s proposal is in direct contrast to that mission and further jeopardizes.

Please view this video by Skyler Thomas to help educate yourselves. There was a public comment period open until 9/23, after which the NPS will implement their plan to expand private ranching on publicly owned land, You may still comment on the park service website;        You may also sign a petition at : "Save the Tule Elk"                                

Pt Reyes is  a place we all love and care about, and like all beautiful places in nature, once they are altered it is difficult to bring back the biodiversity and restore the coastal prairie habitat.  There is an "Alternative F" proposal which includes these recommendations.

Express you concern for the preservation of returning Point Reyes National Seashore to a natural state, moving cattle ranching away for these pristine lands and letting the diverse wildlife return and thrive.