Person of the Planet welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Bennett

Person of the Planet welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Bennett

Don't miss Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, noted astrophysicist, author/lecturer.  The community is invited to attend an evening presentation called "Global Warming Demystified". Dr. Bennett  will tackle some of the toughest issues surrounding global warming. He will show us how we can (and must) move beyond partisanship in addressing these complex problems.

Dr. Bennett is the lead author of best selling college textbooks in four areas:  astronomy, astrobiology, mathematics and statistics. His numerous books have sold more than 1.5 million copies. These books include "On the Cosmic Horizon", "The Global Warming Primer" and "Beyond UFO's". HIs numerous children's books, including "The Wizard that Saved the World" have been read at the International Space Station during the Storytime for Space series.

One of Jeffrey Bennett's most visible achievements have been his work to develop educational scale models of the solar system. One such scale model, the Voyage Scale Model Solar System has been installed at the National Mall in Washington, DC. This model is has been replicated in other cities across the country.

Dr. Bennett has worked at NASA  headquarters as a senior scientist working to bridge the "cultural divide" between education and science. He created unique "Flight Opportunities for Science Teacher Enrichment"  FOSTER which flew teachers on the Kuiper Airborne Observatory.

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett's talk will be Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00pm,  52 Arlington Avenue in the social hall of the Arlington Community Church.   The event is FREE to the community.  Person of the Planet is pleased to be sponsoring this one-time event.

"This is a great opportunity! Please plan to attend with your family and friends!"