Rise for Climate March by Shanti Moorjani

Rise for Climate March

By Shanti Moorjani

This has been an exciting week for environmental awareness. Last Saturday, the Climate March in San Francisco saw thousands of all ages and races march down Market Street carrying banners, and signs in a congenial effort to draw attention to serious effects of Climate change on our planet. I brought our Person of the Planet banner to carry down Market Street. Many thanks to Linda Young, Joe Pratt, Shirley Lutzky and Pastor Tony for helping to carry the banner for the slow 2 mile walk from Embarcadero to the Civic Center. Grandmothers for Change was a huge coalition, Pacific Islanders join their local communities, Climate Reality group, and many other individuals and organizations were there.

Today (Friday) is the last day of the Global Action Summit at the Moscone Center in San Francisco hosted by Gov. Jerry Brown. Though it is promising to have leaders from across the country coming together to find new resolve on how to keep carbon out of our atmosphere, many protesters outside say it is still not enough. For many, they want Gov. Brown to stop approving new oil and gas drilling in California and a complete ban on fracking. This promotion of continued fossil fuel production, carbon trading markets and other incentives still allow corporations to pollute.

Earlier this week Gov. Brown signed the bill AB100 which puts California on the path to 100% renewable energy by 2045. That's one big, positive step toward a cleaner atmosphere here in California and setting a precedent for other states to follow. It reminds me of a sign carried by a young person at the Climate march last Saturday. It said "We can save our planet if we really, really, really, really hurry.

Let us continue to do our part by speaking up daily for the planet with our choices and asking the question, "Is this good for the planet?" for every decision we make. Perhaps taking a walk in a park or in the hills to remind us of the healing power of trees and nature. I am remembering a group of green-faced women on stilts at the Civic Center dress just like trees with branches, leaves and tree trunks.