2,300 Persons of the Planet By Shanti Moorjani August 31, 2018

2,300 Persons of the Planet

 By Shanti Moorjani August 31, 2018

I just returned last night from a 3 day Climate Reality workshop in Los Angeles with the ex-vice-president Al Gore. Some of you will remember we hosted 3 Climate Specialists here, at the church in July. The good news is, we are not alone in your concern for the survival of this Planet. 2,300 people from 40 countries, ages ranging from 13 to 80 came together to learn about the hard facts of Climate change, to hear firsthand accounts of those impacted by climate change, and to discovery ways to go out into the world and make a difference. Many were already active by either starting movements, like our Person of the Planet, writing books about creating a country of earth (Leap.earth), some already in green businesses, or others mobilizing to political action across the country. Many came to learn as much as they could and garner the skills to go home and get active. This summit was their largest gathering to date, which, to me, underscores the underlying urgency many people across the world feel about climate change. This is especially true when many of our leaders and the media are burying their heads in the sand, yes, sand that will quickly be covered with water if we don't collectively act. We need leaders in the government who are educated to the realities of climate change and willing to speak up.

This Climate Reality Project is "dedicated to catalyzing a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society". The three questions that prefaced every presentation were: 1. We must change, 2. We can change, and 3. We will change. The speakers were experts in the field and exciting to listen to. One panel of Fire Chiefs and experts discussed the reasons and solutions to wild fires across the globe. Even a panel of movie moguls who have and are doing films that tackle climate issues enlightened us.

While a panel of experts were discussing the gains California has made over the years reversing the effects of climate change, Mr. Gore shared that this very day (Tuesday 8/28), the California legislature would be voting on a bill SB100. This bill states that California must use eligible renewable energy resources and zero-carbon resources to supply 100% of retail sales of electricity to CA customers by 2045. It's goals are re-accessed every 5 years. Though the first vote failed by 4 votes, by the end of the day, it had passed and now awaits Jerry Brown's signature.

Man-made global warming pollution has corrupted the balances that nature originally provided. Now it is up to us to give back to the planet by reviewing our own consumptive habits, our use of energy, voting for climate advocates and asking that question; "Is this good for the planet?" for all our decisions. Al Gore said "Once people determine what is right and what is wrong, they can demand what is right and stand up to what is wrong."   Things can change and must change.