Bits & Pieces May 4, 2018 by Shanti Moorjani

On July 4, El Cerrito holds an amazing event call "WorldOne Festival" featuring diverse music and food, lots of fun for kids and many booths sharing what their particular group is up to. I would like to set up a booth for Person of the Planet to share what we are about and encourage people to think of themselves as a "Person of the Planet" and add their name to our growing list. I am willing to take on this project of set up, manning the booth, finding cool things to share about us/you. But, I am only one and as HiIlary once said; "It takes a village".   I would love to have help with set up and extra help sitting at the booth. I cannot do it without you. I think an hour or two either setting up, sitting and breaking down would be very helpful. Since this application needs to be in by May 15th, please let me know if you could help out.   Let's do it!

Help me get educated! This week I am re-reading the first chapter in the book: "A Global Warming Primer" Answering your questions about The Science, the Consequences, and Solutions by Jeffrey Bennett. I will re-read and ponder just the first chapter pages 3 - 24 and report back next week a few things that impressed me. If you already have this book or are able to get one, let me know what stood out for you after reading this chapter. The email we use is:    

Next week stay tuned to more on about Deepika Tahilliani in Mumbai and what she is doing to change the health of the planet!