Bits & Pieces April 13, 2018 by Shanti Moorjani

A big thank you to Michael Ware for helping to educate us on the ins and outs of recycling. He patiently allowed for an interactive presentation that was light with tricky questions, humor and good stories. His pile of plastic examples was familiar to most of us. Lynda Hurley who had brought Michael to our attention, even brought her own bag of plastics to find out where they stood on the recycling scene. The talk was surprisingly well attended.

Person(s) of the Planet (POP) is a group of many individuals who care about the health and survival of this planet. They are individually motivated to do their unique part in their own lives by asking the question for every decision "Is this good for the Planet" and doing what they can. Arlington Community has taken POP under its wings this past year sponsoring many informative talks, movie showings, and even a "Green" Holiday Bazaar. The church has added solar panels to its roof and has gone green in various other ways. Many individual here and beyond the walls of church have declared themselves to be a "Person of the Planet."