Bits & Pieces by Shanti Moorjani

There are many signs that people are taking the future of the planet more seriously.  If you are getting this weekly email, you have decided you are a "Person of the Planet".   What does that mean?  It means the health and future of this earth is very important to you. Individually you are making the best choices you can, with the resources you have to a smaller earth footprint.  You are asking the question, "Is this good for the planet?" for each decision you make, small or large.  The decisions could be whether to buy hearing aids with re-chargeable batteries or ones with throw away batteries every week.   I am trimming down certain items that I buy at the store made out of materials that cannot be recycled, like the cartons that chicken broth and almond milk come in, or the spray oils in cans.

A grocery store in the Netherlands has one aisle of NO Plastic.  Everything is made out of compostable material.  It looks the same as the plastic trays we get at the store. It's wrapped in a see-through material. But it's all made from natural sources.  What if we all asked our stores to do the same?  Yes, a domino effect!

I am encouraged by who many women and even children that are speaking up and challenging the status quo.  Anthony Knight passed me a short article by Bob Egalko from the San Francisco  Chronicle 3/8/18 where youths from 21 different states have filed a lawsuit against the US government for imperiling their future and violating their constitutional rights by federal policies that worsen climate change.   Lead attorney, Julie Ann Olson of Wild Earth Advocates said "There will now be a full trial on climate science and what our federal government did to create this dangerous situation."    The government is promoting mining and use of fossil fuels, as temperatures continue to rise, knowing full well that they emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.   Let's keep an eye on this legal challenge.

 We will learn more about the effects of climate change next Thursday  (3/15) when Dr. Andrew Gunther comes to Arlington Community Church (ACC) to talk  about climate change.

Thank you again to all the individuals, especially the youth, who are speaking "truth to power".