Did You Know About This Wonderful Local Company? by Ruth Robinson

We’ve all heard about ‘green’ companies. And we know some local firms that give to charities. But how about a very local firm (Richmond) that is highly regarded, certified green, and donates a significant amount of profits to a wide variety of charities? And is sold probably where you shop.

Hero Arts was started in 1974 in Berkeley in a local woman’s apartment. Today it has a certified green factory in Richmond and is run by the original owner’s son and daughter-in-law. Don’t know the company? Here is who they are:


“Start to finish, Hero Arts products are made by hand with love and precision. From selecting the finest, sustainable maple woods, to crafting the intricate molds, to patiently trimming the rubber, Hero Arts has made stamping supplies for papercrafts for over 40 years. Started as a family business, Hero Arts remains true to its innovative spirit, and today is focused on trendy design, earth-friendly manufacturing, a rich community of stampers, a family-oriented focus on independent retailers, and a desire to share and inspire creativity.”

“We believe in modeling the power of expressing oneself through creativity, and how personal expression is a pathway to connecting with others through the thoughtfulness of a creative community.”

How about their approach to charitable giving?

“How do we donate? On a quarterly basis, for the products included in our Charitable Campaign, we donate to a rotating group of different charities either 25% of Gross Profits or 100% of Net Profits, whichever is higher, in order to be sure we give at least 100% of the net profits we make from these items.”

If you do any spacecrafts, or know someone who does, ask them to consider using Hero Arts products. These are sold at Joann’s and Michael's. And, here is a great tip: they have a factory outlet store in Richmond that is open two days a week. But be careful: their products are so good, you’ll want to become a member of the Monthly Craft Kit, which is open only to subscribers.