Bits & Pieces by Shanti Moorjani

A big thank you to Andrew (Andy) Gunther for his inspirational and informative talk last night at the Arlington Community Church.   Andy was the Person of the Planet's guest speaker for the month of March. Yes we all think we know about climate change and climate disruptions, but how about some scientific facts and compelling pictures to back it up? Andy did just that, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Andy started by asking us 3 questions: 1) Must we change? 2) Can we change? and 3) Will we change? His talk focused on global warming comparing the last 20 years to facts dating back 800,000 years. He talked about rising waters, extreme weather events, disappearing species, air pollution, human migrations due to climate disruptions, and the resulting new disease potential.

His passion for the subject was reflected in how expertly he convince us of the immediate risk for all human life on the planet, only to be brought to a final understanding that Yes, we can make a difference. Many things are already in motion to help reverse the alarming trend of global disruptions and the people's will is there to make it happen.

Here's some additional reading. Andrew mentioned: "Climate Wars" by Gwynne Dyer about the effects of dwindling resources and massive population shifts forcing the worlds powers into desperate measures to find advantages to survive. Also, an article in February 25, 2018 edition of Rolling Stones magazine titles "Welcome to the age of Climate Migration" by Jeff Goodell.

I would also like to add a great small, concise book that everyone should have: "A Global Warming Primer" by Jeffrey Bennett. And, if you would be curious to know what the planet would be like without us, check out the book: "The World Without Us" by Alan Wiesman. Lastly, the brilliant book by Paul Hawken called "Drawdown," "the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming" will surely empower you.

Person of the Planet's next speaker will be Michael Ware from the Berkeley Recycling on Thursday, April 12, at 7:00pm.