Remembering the Untouched Planet by Shanti Moorjani

Remember the lazy summers out in nature, perhaps in the Sierras. There was a simple, timeless feel to these unique places on the planet.

Person of the Planet, Mary Hess, is passionate about backpacking, hiking, and spending time in nature. She has hiked many a mile. As she hikes, she occasionally stops to take pictures and write poetry and prose. Here is a piece and picture called Mountain Waters. Take a moment and immerse yourself in her imagery, remembering the beauty of the un-touched planet.


Mountain Waters        

by Mary Hess

Winter water is dazzling

  In its flight to the sea;

Roaring, boulder-filled creeks,

  Soft singing streams,

Lakes of royale blue,

  Tarns surrounded by green.

As we climb into the mountains,

  Within days we pursue

This wondrous wet to its hiding places

  Beneath the highest peaks.

Snow packs nestled

  In the shadows of the cirques,

Let trickle streaks of tears

  Across granite faces, into lakes

In hollows left by glaciers of long ago.

  Pater Noster-style,

The waters flow from lake to lake,

  Strung on a rippling line of

Rivulets and streams

  That lead to the rivers,

And the rivers to the sea

  In wild waterfalls coursing

Down through the mountains.

  Would that the snowflake, so dainty and soft,

Might know its significance!