Who is Your Person of the Planet Hero? by Shanti Moorjani

There are so many Planet hero's to remember as we come to the close of the year 2017.  The first to come to mind is Jerry Brown and his advocacy for a greener, cleaner California.  He has also forged ahead in sharing our successes with China at the same time our own EPA director has purged scientific information from the website. Jerry has courage and persistence.   We also  applaud Al Gore for another historic movie on the "state of the Planet".   In November, many of us watched "An Inconvenient Sequel"  with eyes wide open.  Clearly from each person's comment at the end of the movie, there is a growing anxiety concerning our future life here on Planet Earth.

Who is your personal planet hero for 2017?   My Person of the Planet choice is Jessica Morse, someone not many of you have heard of yet.  She is 35 years old, a graduate of Princeton with a Master's degree in Nuclear non- proliferation.  She spent 10 years as advisor to the commander of US Pacific Command in Iraq, India, Burma and Pacific with the State Department,  working to strengthen relationship using renewable energy while trying to counter terrorist threats from the region.  On her return to this country, she worked on federal budget at State department and US AID.

Jessica Morse grew up in the foothills of California, a fifth generation daughter of original settlers who cross the Sierras.  Like many who grew up in California, she has a great love of the outdoors, even hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from North of Tahoe to Mt. Whitney alone (500 miles).  Because of her love of the Sierras and concern for the environment she has decided to go into public office.  She will be running for the House of Representatives in her the fourth district. Her goal is to be a better steward for the health of the rivers, trees, and use of natural resources.  Although we live in the Bay Area, we must remember that 60% of all of California's water comes from the Sierras.

I am supporting this young, bright woman going into public service, and trying to make a difference in the future health of our planet.  It's not an easy life, pressures are great.  I hope Jessica succeeds in her Quest!