Review of An Inconvenient Truth- By Shanti Moorjani

Last Night (Thursday 11/30) thirty-plus people cozied into the Fireside room at church to see ex- vice-president  Al Gore's new movie "An Inconvenient Sequel".   This followed the showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" two weeks ago. 

Has anything changed from the 2005 movie?   Well,  yes.  As predicted, temperatures have gone up  due to greenhouse gases, fires have exploded onto the landscape,  permafrost and glaciers have continued to melt at unprecedented rates, and waters have risen.   Higher temperatures have scorched more earth burning whole communities,  ruining crops and livestock.   Flooding, resulting from massive tropical storms, have hit many islands and countries, including our own, especially  coastal cities.  We were all moved by the riveting actual footage of events taking place across the planet over the last 10 years.  In Greenland, glaciers have turned to rivers and waterfalls.   Tropical storms in Asia, India and United States showed people fighting for their lives as water destroyed buildings and streets became rivers.

One hopeful story, showed the real time, behind the scenes efforts of Mr. Gore and others   to negotiate and convince India to give up its plan to build 100 new coal-fired plants.  After several major storms on Indian soil, Mr. Gore was able to convince India to change its course.  With the help of US solar companies and government incentives, India accepted the Paris Climate accord (2016) and is on a course of green policies solar, wind and electric vehicles in the coming decades.

We are all aware the earth is changing across the globe, but seeing the effects on film was sobering and all more reason for individuals to become a voice for the Planet.

As a Person of the Planet each of us must join together to do whatever part we can manage.