Person of the Planet: Making Decisions

Person of the Planet

November 10, 2017, Shanti Moorjani

It is comforting knowing there is small but growing body of people out there that have this planet's health in mind.  There is an awareness growing across the land, of people personally taking action to make a difference, whether they officially call themselves a "Person of the Planet" or not.   It's in the air, so to speak.  Asking the question, "Is this good for the planet?" when we make decisions is re-assuring!

As the holiday season rolls in, we have choices to make, about where to shop, what to buy, how to make our Christmas Greener,  such as Shirley Lutzky's article "I am Dreaming of a Green Christmas" that came out a couple weeks ago.  As tempting as a "Dollar Store" (or any corporate store) might look on the surface,   what could be worse for the planet?   These  Dollar stores are in every country, in great numbers. All you can buy, at the cheapest cost.  Everything that is sold in these Dollar  stores is from one area of China, a place called the Futian Market, a place so big you could never find the same shop twice.  It is called the International Market, which produces all the cheap  products at the Dollar Stores (much of it seasonal like Christmas) that will  most likely end up in landfill in another country. 

At a recent Harvest Festival in El Sobrante, I met many local artists that made their own items.  Beautiful handmade soups, candles, herbal teas and lovely art.  Mia, who lives on a 2 acre farm in El Sobrante, brought fine teas, tinctures, bathsalts and more taken from the herbs she grows on her own farm.   Another family uses the wax from their bee hives to make hand decorated candles. 

On Sunday, December 3,  from 1:00 - 5:00pm Person of the Planet will hold its first Green Holiday Bazaar  at the Arlington Community Church, at 52 Arlington Avenue in Kensington!  Our goal is to bring alternative gifts to you, gifts that are good for the earth.  Please come and see what we have discovered and relax for the afternoon.    To help with this endeavor, I am asking you to help "advertise" this event by emailing 10 people or more.  Who do  you think would most appreciate this Green Holiday Bazaar?

Thank  you for doing your part to be a voice for the Planet.  Again the specifics are:

What:     Green Holiday Bazaar

When:    Sunday, December 3

Time:      1:00 - 5:00

Where:   52 Arlington Avenue,  Arlington Community Church

In the meantime, hopefully we will see you at our two movie nights:


Thursday,   November 16   -  7:00pm  

"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore


Thursday,  November  30  -  7:00pm  

 "An Inconvenient Sequel"   by Al Gore